Tuesday, March 10, 2009

PieFection - Soccer Balls In Africa

In June of 2008, our nephew and all around great kid Spencer Thompson completed his Eagle Project. His goal was to supply village schools in Ghana with new soccer equipment. When he told us what he was doing, we jumped at the opportunity to support his cause. 

With the support of his family, friends and troop, some help from Mariott School of Management MPA students and sponsorship from PieFection and Real Salt Lake City (the local pro soccer team), Spencer organized his project and gathered the necessary supplies. With deflated soccer balls distributed among the many suitcases of BYU students, as well as his own, Spencer flew to Africa with his father, Jeff, who was in charge of the Ghana study experience for the MPA program. For a week he distributed soccer balls and supplies to excited children and teachers in village schools in Ghana.

I'm getting some statistics from him and will post them soon. With donations from PieFection, he was able to supply 2 village schools in Ghana with 10 soccer balls each.

We're so proud of Spencer, and thank him for the opportunity to serve. Here are a few pictures of his experience.

Folowing up on this post. Spencer delivered about 200 soccer balls to 18 village schools and 2 orphanages. That's a lot of soccer and a lot of happy children!

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Kati said...

What a GREAT Eagle Project!