Wednesday, February 25, 2009

2 PieFection Tips

Here are a few cooking tips that you may be interested in using with your PieFection purchases. Feel free to add your own to this list!

1. Microwave it! PieFection meals are frozen and some take a while to cook through. If you don't want to wait, you can take the frozen solid meal, remove the cover, turn it upside down and run hot water on the bottom of the pan. This will loosen the bond and you can pop the meal into a glass pie pan or casserole dish. Cover with cellophane, poke a few fork holes into it and defrost in the microwave.

2. Bread Round Sandwiches. With the exception of Corn Bread, you can use all of our bread to make delicious deli style sandwiches. Thaw the bread round and put it flat on a cutting board. Slice it the length of the round, so that you have two large, flat rounds. Fill with deli meats, dressing, lettuce, fresh onions, fresh tomatos, avocado slices, bean sprouts, and anything else you like on a sandwich. Put the "lid" on it, slice into sandwich "wedges" use a fancy toothpick to hold it together (just like they do at the deli!) and voila! The perfect party sandwich. Don't forget the mug of soup!

How do you cook PieFection?

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