Monday, February 2, 2009

Comfort Food (part 1)

What is it about food? When we think of almost any special occasion in our lives, food will be a part of it.  Our earliest memories are often of helping our parents “cook.”  My kids still come running when they hear the mixer start up, certain that cookies or homemade bread are on the way!

When challenging times come to the ones we love, we bring food.  Birth, death, illness, all seem to beg to be swallowed with a healthy dose of comfort food!  It is as if by nourishing the body we can nourish and bless the soul.

Our families need comfort and stability.  As life continues to spin faster and challenges bang at the door, we need to nourish bodies and souls. Fast foods and eating on the run will choke our arteries, our relationships and the way we remember our lives.

How can we bring our families to the table and offer comfort, stability and a place to reconnect in an increasingly fractured world?  We’d love to hear your ideas for connecting with your families at mealtimes!  Drop a comment and let us learn from you!

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